Hamish Blakely - The Artist's Chair

The Artist's Chair

Fabrics, textures, light and tension in the woman's body are the primary focus here. The rough, paint scarred old chair is a really pleasing conrast to her considered but relaxed pose. The ambiguity is always great fun to try and record. She is casual as she rests on the chair but there is drama in the tautness of her shoulder blades and spine. The light falling on her ear and illuminating her defined jaw bone are elements that were absolutely key in deciding how the remaining painting would evolve. These small but vital areas are difficult to establish but very rewarding if rendered correctly. As with 'Secado' there are two light sources; the main glow from above and the gentle cobalt glow from below. This creates more interest and helps describe the three dimensionality of the forms.

Giclee On Paper
Image Size 20" x 20"

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